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W32.Downuk worm Removal Guide

This is a guide to help users known about W32.Downuk worm infection-its arrival sources,impact on the infected computer system and possible removal solutions to get rid of it.   What is W32.Downuk worm? W32.Downuk worm is a new worm category of computer threat that has

List of 10 Best Smart Home Devices Under $100 in 2018

This is a very exciting to explore things that you can buy for yourself or gift to your family and friends with just under $100. This list is what everyone have always in their thoughts…. How to replace our home gadgets with smart device in

How to Connect Your Smart Lights to Alexa

When it comes Smart Light control feature, Amazon Echo works its best with the Alexa app. Now you don’t have to maintain lots of apps to control your different smart devices. Its very easy and simple to connect and control your smart lights throughout the

7 Best Ways To Secure Your Alexa Device

This is a very important thing which users must be concern of. With the integration of voice assistant and smart devices, we are able to perform various time-taking tasks without even using our fingers or moving from our place. So, we should be very cautious