How to Use Chrome’s Built in Malware Scanner

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How to Use Chrome’s Built in Malware Scanner to Find and Remove Unwanted Software Programs

We are fully dependent on your gadgets like Phone, PC, Tablets, Computers at home or work to do various tasks whether it is personal or professional. Likewise, cyber hookers are also keen on exploring the ways to hack your computers, tamper your privacy and infect it badly to achieve its own evil motive.

So, we should always stay step ahead and take the security of our devices seriously. Here, is a very important feature added to the Chrome browser for both Windows users to give a right away scan to their computer to check for any unwanted software program installed.

Google Chrome periodically runs this scan to find any potentially unwanted program hidden on the Windows OS and keep it away from such things.

But you can quickly activate this feature to run a scan on your computer through Chrome enabled feature and detect any malicious program right away.

This feature is called “Clean up computer” which can help you find suspicious or unwanted programs on your computer. If the scan detects any such program/application like unwanted extensions, malware or Adware, then it will prompt you to click on Remove.

Chrome will quickly remove the harmful software, turn off any suspicious extension and restore your previous settings.

Chrome’s Built in Malware Scanner

Here is the quick step to access this feature and run scan manually:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. At the top right corner, click on the three dots (Menu) and then click on “Settings”’.
  3. Go through the “settings” window to find “Advanced” option.

    How to Use Chrome’s Built in Malware Scanner

    How to Use Chrome’s Built in Malware Scanner

  4. After clicking on Advanced, you will see “Reset and clean up,” option.
  5. Now click on Clean up computer.
  6. Click On Find.
  7. Chrome will start the scanning process and if it detects any suspicious program, then it will ask you to click on “Remove”.

For the next time, you can simply type the URL “chrome://settings/cleanup” in the address bar to quickly access the menu.

This will help you periodically detect and remove any unwanted program on your chrome browser. But still it may not provide you complete security. As many threats and PUPs uses obfuscated techniques to hide their identity and mimics as a legitimate program. For this you need run a powerful scanner tool that will detect and remove all harmful programs from your computer.

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